Update On Missing High School Team in Tennessee

As many of you know there is a High School Team missing from a Saturday trip to Pickwick Landing State Park. Obviously, this is close to our hearts and we have spoken to TWRA several times since they were reported as missing Sunday evening.

At this time, they (TWRA) have the resources they need on the water right now and do not need more boats.
We all want to be there and help as our hearts ache for the anglers and their families, but this is the time to follow the plan laid out by the professionals, they know what they are doing.

Officials have assured us they will ask if more help is needed and we will get the word out ASAP if that happens.

What each one of us can do is to say a prayer for the missing anglers that they are found safe, for their families that god will comfort them, for all the members of their local fishing club and for the Search and Rescue and Law Enforcement, first responders who are out there doing what they always do, which is going above and beyond.