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Registering Your Club

How to Register Your Club Online


1. Collect the full contact info for each student including name, address, birth date, email, phone & last grade completed. (Email is required to receive the electronic magazine.)
2. Collect $25 from each student for the SAF dues.
3. Go to TBF Online Roster Management System
4. Under Club Registration, fill in the information for the Club Administrator and/or Faculty Advisor

– Choose the option: ‘New’ (you are a new club)

– Club #: You won’t have a club # yet so leave that blank

– Club Name: Enter the club name you want for your club

– Club Type: Student Angler

– Category: Bass


– Then fill in ALL the appropriate information for the rest; Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone #Student Clubs


5. An email will be sent with a password to the Club Advisor, giving secure access to log in to the club’s roster management page. Your username will be the email address you provide. After logging in, refer to the Help tab; there you can access the Admin User guide and change your password or call us for assistance at 580.765.9031
6. Enter the complete data for each student in the system. Once the club roster is complete, generate an invoice to submit.

Here is how to create your Invoice.

Go to Membership Updates -> New Update -> Select Year -> Check Mark each member -> Submit and
Print! (refer to the User guide for full instructions)

7. Print out the invoice & mail it with payment to:

The Bass Federation, Inc.
5998 N Pleasant View Road
Ponca City, OK 74601

Phone: 580.765.9031


The TBF Student Anglers Federation membership cards will be emailed promptly after roster payment. The MLF memberships will be processed by TBF and students will
start receiving their MLF electronic magazines, as well as, their MLF cards.

*Insurance coverage begins with payment.