About SAF

About SAF & High School Fishing

One of the fastest growing youth related movements across the country are High School fishing clubs!

The Bass Federation, the nation’s oldest and largest organized grassroots fishing organization, is leading the way with the development of the Student Angler Federation.

So what is the SAF? First of all, it’s a great way to promote education through fishing. Have you ever asked yourself, “when am I ever going to need to know this, or why do I need to learn that”? The objective of the SAF is to relate subject matter and basic principles of education to how anglers use them out on the water every day. Also, the SAF is aimed at getting students off the couch and back into the great outdoors by promoting the formation of fishing clubs and outdoor activities within the school. A byproduct of SAF efforts is the creation of competitive fishing in club tournaments and events between neighboring schools.

How can your school get started? The process is pretty simple. First, if you’re an educator or parent interested in starting a club, visit our contact page to apply for the free SAF email Packet.

If you’re a student, you can meet with your principal, a teacher or a parent volunteer to ask for help getting started.

Why join the SAF? The Bass Federation has more experience and active fishing clubs than any other organization. We know it’s necessary to build clubs up from an organizational standpoint with vital components like insurance coverage and experience in organized fishing events.

What’s the cost? The SAF is less than the cost to play nearly all “Stick and Ball sports”, such as Little League baseball. The benefits make it one of the best bargains in all of sports. The membership dues are $25 per student, and for that each club member, the club itself and any volunteer who participates in a club event are covered by liability insurance through the SAF.

Also, each SAF student will receive full competitor FLW membership and a one year subscription to FLW’s Electronic Magazine, as well as, he/she automatically qualifies for the most prestigious high school event in the nation, the High School Fishing World Finals!


If money is an issue, we also have an excellent and healthy fundraiser, which will help students raise all the money needed to pay for memberships and any club expenses.

Get information on fundraising by clicking HERE!

What’s Next?

By now it’s pretty evident the SAF is without a doubt the leader in successful High School Fishing clubs and events for students.

To get started, Get your free school packet by filling out the online form here or if you already have 6 members and all of their information gathered, see our instructions and register your club using our Online Roster Management System.

If you have any questions please feel free to email info@highschoolfishing.org or the TBF National Office at 580-765-9031.