Starting an SAF Club

How do we get started?

Welcome! And thank you for your interest in The Bass Federation’s Student Angler Federation School club program. Student Angler Federation, (SAF) clubs are gearing up for another exciting year of High School Fishing.  There are new and exciting SAF opportunities waiting for you and this program is absolutely FREE to your school!

Here are four documents and a Video that explains our high school fishing program, how to get started, how to register your club, a pre-meeting checklist to take to a teacher, principal or advisor meeting & a SAF FAQ sheet to help answer all your questions!  You can download or print them out and take them to your school! Just click the link to watch the video. And for further questions contact info@highschoolfishing!

  1. Member Benefits

  2. How To Register Your Club

  3. Pre-Meeting checklist to start a school club

  4. FAQ Sheet

  5. Click Here To View The Informational Video