Easter and Williams win State Championship at Lake Mohave

The morning started out with the water looking like glass. All the teams were excited and the kids were ready to go. Everyone idled out to the no wake buoys and had our National Anthem.

After that, it was go time and all the teams rushed to their starting spots. As all the teams approached the bank, they saw shad busting on the edge of the bank. The team of Izec Easter and Corey Williams were able to capitalize on a 3lb smallmouth and a almost 5lb largemouth on topwater. They went on to finish their limit and take 1st place with 12.24lb. using creature baits and crank baits.

The second place team of Ben Schafler and Charlie Stewart couldn’t keep the right sized fish on but both reported learning a lot from their boat captain. Their total weight was 6.68lb.

Our third place team, Talynn Madrid and Kyle Luis had a fun time fishing together but also expressed too many fish coming off at the boat. They brought in 3.40lb.

Our only team unable to bring in fish, Cameron Calvez and Colten Hartgroves said they were also able to learn a lot about different styles of fishing, but caught a lot of bluegill using conventional bass gear.

Overall, all the teams had fun and we had a lot of support from our boat captains. We are glad to see the sport of bass fishing grow in the state of Nevada.