Vines and Martin win North Carolina State Championship on Lake Norman

The 2023 North Carolina State Championship was held on Lake Norman in Mooresville, NC. Here is how the day went for the winning team.

Saturday morning started off with cool temperatures, clouds and light winds. When Robie Vines and Alvin Martin got to their first spot of the morning they found a shad spawn in one of the creeks. They were able to capitalize on it with some top water bites to get their first 3 fish in the boat.  As the day went on the winds started to pick up and the light rain started in which shut down the top water bite. Robie and Alvin adjusted when the top water bite went away and moved to the docks. They were able to start getting bites by switching to jerk baits and soft plastics. The switch paid off and by the end of the day and they were able to culled a couple of times. This is what landed them the winning weight at the end of the day.