Lumberton, TX Raider Fishing Team SAF Club Spotlight


Club name: Raider Fishing Team

Date Club Began: October 9, 2012

School Name & Mascot: Lumberton High School Raiders

City/State: Lumberton, Texas

Club Email Address:

Club Website:

Club Advisor: Bryan Thomas

Club President: Luke Hodgkinson

Vice President: Jessica Burke

Secretary: Colt Ryan

Treasurer: Dakota Kline

Number of members: 44

How often does your club meet? Twice a month

How did your club get started? Student interest

Club’s favorite lake and why? Sam Rayburn because it is the closest and full of big fish

Fundraisers – Selling Sponsorships on Jerseys

Any local sponsors that help support your club? West LTD, OrangeCountyBuilding Materials, BOMAC, Integrated Technology and Security, LLC., State Farm Insurance Randy Hicks, Brock Services, E2 Baits, HMT Tank Services, STI group, Stanley Lures, Premier Yamaha, R1 Bass, World Cade Technology, Rat-l-Trap, Jeane Tackle, Rollins Real Estate, BeAed. ICO Polymers, County Home and Ranch, Transit Mix, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lake Fork Tackle, Klint’s Reel Repair,  Santone lures, American Rodsmiths, All Terrain Tackle, IOC Polymers, Universal Coin and Bullion

Where do you get your volunteer boaters from? Parents/relatives

Tell us something unique about your club – We are the first high school fishing club in Southeast Texas.  The closest SAF club to our area is over 100 miles away.