Kaufman, Forney and Bullard High Schools Duel It Out On Cedar Creek

Ten teams from 3 different high schools met up to compete against each other on a hot and VERY TOUGH Cedar Creek Lake located in Malakoff, Texas.  Launching out of Log Cabin boat ramp at safe light, the 10 teams blasted off in hopes of catching lots of bass.  The bass proved to be not very cooperative as all of the teams had a tough time locating fish throughout the day.  When we arrived back at weigh-in, the students from all the schools were telling each other about the difficulties of the day. 

At the weigh-in, the teams were greeted by television cameras.  Fox Sports Southwest was waiting on the shores of Cedar Creek filming the boats arriving and came over to film the weigh-in for a segment for a show that airs on Saturdays @ 10 am CST called Fox Sports Southwest “Chevy Hometown Kids”.  They also interviewed some of the students and boat captains.  Great way to get the word out about high school fishing.

Coming in first place was the team of James Mills and Lane Allen of Kaufman HS.  They weighed in 3 fish for 6.04 lbs.  Second place went to the team of Trevor Thompson and Shelton Vasquez of Kaufman HS with a total weight of 5.29 lbs.  Third place went to the Bullard HS team of Cade Naegeli and Klint Nichols with 3 fish weighing 4.65 lbs.  Coming in fourth was Bailey Thomas of Bullard HS with 2 fish weighing 4.36 lbs.  Bailey’s fishing partner was at a Bullard HS footbal scrimmage, so he braved the heat himself.  Nice job, Bailey.  Fifth place was secured by Blake Shaw of Kaufman HS.  Blake also fished by himself and weighed in 2.04 lbs.  Rumor has it that Blake lost a 7 pounder at the side of the boat.  Tough break, Blake.  Two more Bullard HS teams locked down the next two spots in the standings.  Kyler Whatley and Landen Beckham weighed 1.55 lbs and the team of Kevin Haugh and Caleb Lewis weighed in 1.49 lbs.  Both teams had 1 fish to weigh.  Colt Benedict of Forney HS fished by himself as well.  He had a tough time like everyone else, but was unable to bring in a keeper.  The team of Dalton Adams and Ryan Pennington of Forney HS also had a tough time getting the Cedar Creek bass to cooperate, and weighed in no fish.  Tyler Gilbert and John Ellis of Forney HS had a tough time convincing the bass to bite as well and were unable to bring in a keeper to the scales.

Overall, spirits were good even though the fish were somewhat uncooperative.  The boys interacted well with each other and we look forward to putting toghther another tournament in the future.