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High School Fishing World Finals FAQs

Who is organizing the event?

The Bass Federation’s – Student Anglers Federation.  The Bass Federation (TBF) is a 100% member owned organization that is the oldest and largest organized grassroots fishing, youth and conservation organization there is.

Who can participate?

Any High School team from a TBF affiliated Student Angler Federation club that has at least 6 members in their club. Any age of student may be in the club however, to compete in the High School Fishing World Finals, all contestants for that event must have completed the 8th grade but may not yet have started their first semester of their freshman year of college. (9,10,11,12)

Is there any fee to come to the event?

There is no entry fee!  This is a no entry fee event for Student Angler Federation members in an affiliated club that is in good standing.

What if we can’t get 6 members in our club in time this first year?

If you can’t get your school club signed up by the June 1 but would like to come and participate in this inaugural event here are your next steps.

1. You and your partner will need to contact TBF and we will find a club for you. Contact Mark Gintert the National youth Programs Coordinator at Or 330-993-0014

2. Your fee for joining this “holding” club will be $50 each or $100 per boat. You will receive the same insurance coverage and benefits as our standard SAF members but at a slightly higher rate since you don’t have a complete school club.

3. We will also require you and your parents to pledge to take one of our Student Angler Federation Club start up packets back to your school and make every attempt to start a school fishing club at your school next year. This is a one-time deal (Next year to fish the event you will have to start a club.)

What is the date of the event?

The event will be July 19th – 24th, 2010.

Where will the 2010 High School Fishing World Finals be located?

Russellville, Arkansas – On the legendary fishery of Lake Dardanelle.

City of Russellville Website:



Where will we stay?

See our lodging & event information page. Each team is responsible for their own lodging.

Do we need to bring a boat?

Each team will be required to bring their own boat and an adult boat captain that is at least 21 years of age who will not participate in the fishing. Each boat will be required to meet a minimum set of specifications and safety standards that are outlined in rules, 8, 9 and 10 of the official rules. HERE

What is the tournament format?

Each school team will compete as a two person, fishing for a combined five fish limit and judged by weight.

There will also be an educational portion to the event as each team will have to complete a quiz on Boater Safety and invasive species. The results of those tests will have a bearing on your final weight as outlined in rule 22 of the official rules. HERE

What can we win?

Anglers will be fishing for Trophies, Medals, Scholarship money and prizes for themselves AND their schools. This event is not about cash but more about the experience, education and the opportunity to earn the title or “High School Fishing World Champions”

What are the rules of the event?

A complete set of rules are posted here PLEASE read them carefully.

Will there be off limits and/or a official practice period?

There will be a period of off limits time starting at Midnight July 5th until the start of the first Official Practice day Sunday July 18.