Weigh-in Kits Available for High School Teams

Due to increasing demand from many of our high school and Junior clubs for scales and the necessary items to run their own tournaments we have put together a weigh-in kit for our member school clubs.

You will see the following items pictured below as the components of the kit.

  1.  A set of affordable, dependable, accurate, electronic digital scales which many of our NBAA circuits use at their weeknight events across the country. The front detaches and sets off to the side and you can simply slide the scale base into a one gallon ziplock bag leave the back with the wires running out open to keep the water off of it. They make great little weigh scales and we have many sets in the field for 2-3 years now and still going strong!
  2. Fifteen(15) Bass Pro Shops/Cabela’s weigh in bags
  3. One Aluminum Bump board (May not be the same as the one pictured but similar in design)
  4. Includes shipping right to your front door.
  5.  You can order direct from our online members store     fedanglerstore.com


Total Price per kit:    $99.00