Mud Hole Rods Offers the Perfect Back-To-School Program

School is back in session throughout most of the country and Mud Hole Rods has offered the perfect activity for most fishing clubs to get back together! Why not build your own fishing rods? Can you think of a better educational opportunity as well as a great way to save cost?

Mud-Hole-LogoEver walk by another competitor’s boat and see a high end rod lying on the deck that looked awesome? Ever wonder what that rod must cost? Well the folks at Mud Hole are giving you the opportunity to own one of those at a fraction of the cost! Your group might also build a few rods to sell and make a little money for your club! What a terrific opportunity that can be both educational and profitable!

How does the program work? Well it’s really pretty simple!

Mud Hole has put together a terrific kit for the High School Fishing club. It starts with the instructor’s kit which gives you all the thread, glue, epoxy, mixing cups and most importantly a training video that the entire class can use to construct 10 rods.

Next your group will want to consider investing in the Rod Dryer System and the CRB wrapping system. These items are pretty much a “must” but can be used time and again by the club. Your total cost for all three items is $105 and that will get your club well on its way to building quality rods at a fraction of the cost.

Next the staff at Mud Hole has put together 4 casting rod kits for anglers to choose from as well as one spinning rod option. All of these rods are top quality graphite blanks with EVA split handle grips and Fuji reel seats. This entire lineup sells for $45ea which makes them very affordable compared to the traditional off the rack rods which you buy at your local tackle or big box store.

In order to maximize shipping efficiency (which is included in the price) there is a minimum order size of 6 rods.

How can you use this as a fundraiser you ask?

Well consider the fact that if your 10 member fishing club each bought one blank and you split the Startup kit cost you would have around $56 in each rod that you build. Compare that to what you would pay for a custom rod and you can see where this is going very quickly.

If your 10 rods come out looking good you should be able to price them at $99.00 or more which would net you over $40 each. Now you just put $400 in your club account or you almost paid for your next order from Mud Hole!

Either way, it’s a great activity to have the club work on and it could be very profitable as well!

To see the Mud Hole TBF Program and to place your club order go to the  link below!