Kentucky coach is Hooked on Fishing!

StevenIt was 15 min until weigh in and we needed that last big kicker fish. Steven and his co-angler Corey Stephens have been catching fish all day but needed the last big one of the day to have a chance at placing in the Willisburg Lake Tourney. It was Stevens optimism in his favorite wacky rigged senko worm along a riff-raff wall of rock that got this 6.6 pounder to swing us into 2nd place. As their coach this was one of the coolest moments of the season so far. To watch young men be excited about landing a big one is pretty special. That’s what it’s all about, that’s why I got into this!

Mr. Andrew Black
Biology / Chemistry / Anatomy Room 314
Bass Fishing Coach
Fern Creek Traditional High School