Franklin County (KY) Flyer Bass Fishing Team Spotlight


Club name:                             Franklin County Flyer Bass Fishing Team

Date Club Began:                   Spring of 2012

School Name & Mascot:        Franklin County Flyers

City/State:                               Frankfort, KY

Club Email Address:      or

Club Website:                          Facebook – FCHS Bass Fishing Team

Club Advisor:                          Coach James A. Myers

Club President:                       Jimmy Bailey, Senior 2-year Letterman of the FCHS Bass Fishing Team

Number of members:             12

How often does club meet?    Weekly

How did club get started?       Generated from student interest and Coach Myers as a competitive tournament angler wanting the opportunity to expose the students of Franklin County HS to competitive tournament angling and the great recreational activity of bass fishing.

Club’s favorite lake & why?    Cumberland, Dale Hollow, Barren River, Green River and KY/Barkley Lakes.  Each of these lakes presents a challenge to become diverse anglers as they range from Tennessee River Impoundments to High Mountain Reservoirs

Conservation Projects                        None yet

Fundraisers                             2013 Days Ranger Boat Sales Boat Show in Frankfort, KY, raffling of Shimano Equipment donated by Backwater Outfitters of Lexington, KY

Any local sponsors that help support your club?        HUGE SUPPORT from Day’s Ranger Boat Sales, Frankfort, KY and Backwater Outfitters, Lexington, KY

Where do you get your volunteer boaters from?       Local club anglers and FLW Touring Pros through Days Ranger Boat Sales.

Tell us something unique about your club                  Our Bass Fishing Team had 5 student-anglers earn Academic All-State Honors by maintaining a 3.75 GPA or higher for their high school careers. We held our first event in November of 2012, on the KY River, in Frankfort, KY and our tournament was won by Lauren Colston, a female student-angler at Franklin County HS, fishing in her first ever bass tournament competition!  She had fun the remainder of the school year picking on the boys!  In fact, she was angler of the year in the 2012-2013 Academic Year.  Another great feature of our program is the opportunity for our anglers through Days Ranger Boats Sales and Backwater Outfitters to learn from the pros – Ott Defoe, Ish Monroe, Michael Iaconelli and Brent Ehrler just to name a few.  Each of these outstanding men spent time with our kids, answering their questions and providing them advice on techniques and just encouraging them to enjoy the sport and respect the outdoors.