Border Bass Adult & Youth Tournament

When: December 12th, 2015
Where: Wildwood Boat Landing
Time: Safe Light to 3pm
Who: Any adult willing to participate in taking out one youth angler and any youth angler currently affiliated with a Youth Fishing Team.
Adult Boat Captain Sin-up: Sign-up for this tournament will only be at The Tackle Shop. You may call if you wish to have name and number added to the sign-up list. 706-432-8225
Youth Angler Sign-up: All youth anglers should have adult team representative contact Tournament Director (Joey Bruyninckx) with list of anglers to participate by COB December 9th. Angler entries will be taken on a first come first serve basis, should there not be enough boat captains, the last taken will be the first dropped.
Objective: This tournament was originally designed to pit the SC Youth teams against the GA Youth teams. It has grown over time and is now open to all youth teams within the two states (GA & SC). The purpose is to provide an opportunity for our youth to fish with different adult anglers one on one in hopes to learn more about the sport and Clarks Hill in general. The adult anglers will be participating in a separate pot of money competing only against the other adult anglers. The youth will also be competing against the other youth participants for prizes being provided by each youth team participating and a smaller pot of money. The youth money pot will be awarded to the overall team that finishes with the most aggregate weight. This tournament is only possible with the help from the adult fishing community and is very much appreciated by the youth and teams alike.
Adult entry fee: $40
Youth entry fee: $10
Adult Payout: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Big Fish
Youth Payout: 1st, 2nd, 3rd & Big Fish
– An additional $100 will be awarded to the boat captain whom has the youth angler that finishes in 1st place.
Boat Pairings: On Thursday evening December 10th @ 6 pm at The Tackle Shop a random draw will be held to pair one adult angler up with one youth angler. The draw will also dictate the blast off order. It is highly encouraged that all youth anglers be prepared to compensate the boat captain with fuel money in the amount of $30.
Tournament Rules: Clark Hill Committee rules will be followed
Tournament Director: Joey Bruyninckx 706-564-9583/
• All entry fees will not be collected until Thursday December 10th and or the morning of the tournament.
• Phone numbers of the youth angler and the adult captain will be shared on December 10th at the draw. It is the responsibility of these two anglers to make arrangements with each other.
• Signing the attached sheet represents your commitment to participating in taking out one of our youth anglers.
• It is very possible that there will end up being a couple adult anglers that will be competing in the adult side of the tournament that will not have a youth angler. This is done to ensure we have a few extra boat captains to cover each of our youth anglers, should a boat captain not show the morning of or have an emergency. This is done to ensure fairness to all the boat captains that have committed to volunteering their time. The draw will dictate whom these extra captains will be.
• Adult boat captain sign-up for this tournament will end at COB on December 9th.