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On Sunday June 25th, 2023 we held the Eastern Ontario SAF High School Championship Qualifier. It was a warm sunny day on the Bay of Quinte, the weather co-operated and the Bay was as smooth as glass.

We had 3 teams entered for this tournament, and they were pumped to blast off, at 8 AM they took off with their teams.

Team 1/  Kaileb Nadon and Connor Boates with Captain Pepe Parisien

Team 2/ Rhys Erwin and Evan Erwin with Captain James Erwin

Team 3/ Porter Hymus and Draeden Hymus with Captain Tim Lloyd

At check-in the Boys were excited to weigh.  Team 3 came to the scales first and weighed a respectable bag for their first time fishing in a Youth tournament. Next up was Team 1 with a good bag to put them in the lead, with Team 2 coming up third to weigh with a bag of 4 clones and a 5.10 lb kicker Ryhs Erwin caught was the Big Fish and his personal best!

Good Luck “Team Erwin” in the 2024 SAF National Championships